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The OPC HIT ROOM is a multi-tiered fitness, health, wellbeing and performance centre.

Our HIT Room classes deliver scientifically proven strength and conditioning sessions, utilising kettle-bells, strength bags, suspensions cables & medicine ball equipment to provide fun, dynamic & challenging sessions that will have you gasping for breath, sweating buckets & loving every minute of it. The OPC is the HIT Rooms performance arm which runs a myriad of different programs for a wide range of sporting codes and individuals.

Mission Statement

  1. To provide a local Athlete Performance Centre where athletes from any sport are provided with opportunity and education maximising their sporting ability and helping them achieve their sporting dreams.
  2. To deliver a comprehensive athletic development program inclusive of both skill based and strength and conditioning activity.
  3. To develop athletic and performance ability of local junior surfing talent.

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Please fill out our registration booking form in order to secure a spot in an OPC group class or package. Once submitted an OPC representative will contact you within 24 hours via the telephone number provided.

Disclosed information will be used for booking purposes only.


The True Functional Training Platform

In the past few years I’ve seen a huge transition in the fitness industry. More and more people are using functional training, the purpose of this article is to give people an understanding of what functional training is.

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